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Optimize your baby’s sleep with a 30-minute call. Discuss any sleep issues, receive expert advice on reflux, allergies, and colic. While sleep training won’t be covered, we can formulate a…

Book a 1-hour call for comprehensive sleep advice. Discuss any sleep issues, receive guidance, and get advice on reflux, allergies, and colic. While I won’t teach sleep training during this call, we can formulate a plan of action for other concerns. Perfect for addressing newborn sleep or any specific issues you’re facing.

Tailored sleep support for babies aged 4 to 14 months. Includes a 1-hour Zoom consultation, 3 weeks of WhatsApp support, and a personalized sleep program with a responsive training method. Enjoy 2 extra 20-minute calls for added guidance.

Transform your child’s sleep habits (4 months to 7 years) with our 60-minute Zoom consultation. We’ll assess through a questionnaire and sleep diary, providing a personalized plan, including our effective sleep training method. Nutritional advice available, and for daily support, opt for an additional week alongside the consultation.

Get personalized support for a week with daily on-demand WhatsApp guidance following the consultation. Tailor your baby’s routine with expert assistance. Subsequent weeks available at £120 each. This is not a standalone package.

Introducing ‘Small Tweaks’ at £180, perfect for those with prior experience working with me or addressing a new sleep issue. Ideal for babies struggling with night sleep, daytime naps, or in need of a new routine. This package includes a 30-minute Zoom call and 7 days of WhatsApp support for targeted solutions