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01 — Infant sleep is critical

We are often led to believe now that infant sleep is not important, their connection and contact with us is all that they need. This simply does not sit well with me. Infants need sleep to grow, develop and thrive. The cortisol levels of an overtired baby far outweigh that of a baby who is sleep training. So if you are desperate for them to sleep- don’t feel guilty for that. They need sleep.

02 — Independent sleep is the key

Research shows us that infants who require parental assistance to fall asleep at the beginning of each night and are more likely to wake are continue to require parental assistance upon such awakenings. It is not that an independent sleeper does not wake- we all wake, adults wake 3-4 times per night- but that when they wake they can swiftly take themselves back off to sleep. Minimising their wake up times and YOUR wake ups too.

03 — Sleep training is not dangerous

I do not use the cry-it-out aka The extinction method, I also dislike the Ferber method with extending and growing intervals. Instead I believe it is important to have consistentency and a method which encourages contact as well as communication and genuinely factors in both the needs of the baby and YOU. In 3-5 days I will have your baby happily sleeping.Sleep training in a loving, healthy, nurturing environment is not dangerous!

04 — We shouldn’t lose our sense of self

We are also important. We need to look after ourselves in order to be the best parents we can be. We cannot do this without sleep. We can love all the cuddles and affection in the day time and not want it in the middle of the night and it should be ok to say that. To be told you are less of a parent for not wanting to co-sleep or sit up with your baby waking through the night is damaging. YOU matter too!
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